2024 CarbonSmart Summit
Climate Week NYC

Join visionary leaders, policymakers and corporate sustainability champions shaping the future of carbon finance, project development and cutting-edge climate tech.

LOCATION 787 Seventh Avenue, NYC

DATE September 23th, 2024. 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Ignite your brand's impact and drive sustainable finance at Flowcarbon’s premier Climate Week NYC event.

In 2023, more than 40 leaders, founders and policymakers took the stage at the CarbonSmart Summit, including:

Rostin Behnam

Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Judith Simon

President & Interim CEO

Annette Nazareth

Chair of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market

Mark Kenber

Executive Director

Alexia Kelly

Managing Director, Carbon Policy & Markets Initiative

Mark Patel

Senior Partner

Who You'll Meet

CarbonSmart Summit attracts more than 600 sustainability bankers, project developers, registry leaders, venture capital and climate investors at the forefront of technology innovation in the voluntary carbon markets for insights, conversations — and of course, networking.

Select Past Attendees

Top Carbon Market, Business, Tech and Blockchain Experts

What people are saying about CarbonSmart Summit

“This conference was such a joy to participate in. Incredible momentum throughout the day with the most quality attendees focused on real solutions for strengthening the integrity of the voluntary carbon markets.”

“Tremendous job for #CarbonSmart to bring in a real creative pioneer in carbon credits for equity as well as environment.”

“I couldn't have better kick-started my first day in New York last week than to take in the candor of #CarbonSmart about where the VCM is — and where it isn't — in its relationship with the demand side of the market from which so much is expected, if not taken for granted, by so many. For a young company, Flowcarbon reminded me of BloombergNEF in its early days of knowing how to put good people in the room.”

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Ignite your brand's impact and drive sustainable finance at Flowcarbon’s premier Climate Week NYC event. Sponsorship slots still available — but not for long! Learn more by downloading our brochure or reaching out to marissa@flowcarbon.com today!